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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

29 March 2013

Directors IV

Sri MGR Year 96, 29th March, Friday

This is the fourth installment of Directors who have worked with our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. Previously we have published about Director P.Neelakantan, M.A.Thirumugam and K.Shankar. In this we are going to write about T.R.Ramanna who have directed 8 movies. Mostly of R.R. Pictures he is the Producer as well.


The list of T.R.Ramanna directed MGR movies:


S.No. Name of the Movie Year of Release
01 Kundukili 26.08.1954
02 Kule Bagha Vali 29.7.1955
03 Puthumai Pithan 02.08.1957
04 Pasam 31.08.1962
05 Periya Idathu Penn 10.05.1963
06 Panakara Kudumbam 24.04.1964
07 Panam Padaithavan 27.03.1965
08 Parakum Pavai 11.11.1966



The only one movie in Tamil film industry that the two legends MGR and Sivaji Ganesan worked together for the first and last time. This combination was possible by Ramanna’s sister T.R.Rajakumari.




Kule Bagavali:

MGR in search of a flower to bring back the sight of his father and the hurdles he faces is the story of Kule Bagavali. Three heroines were cast in the movie, T.R.Rajakumari, Rajasulochana and S.Varalakshmi.


kula_baghavali   kula_baghavali2



Super hit movie of 1955.



MGR as the prince and revolutionary leader in night who fights against Balaiah and saves his father and the country is the story of Puthumaipithan. T.R.Rajakumari does a befitting role and finally she sacrifice her life to save our MGR.





Duet song from Puthumaipithan. Uploaded by Goldtreat.



Director T.R.Ramanna did the acid test in this movie Pasam. One of MGR’s sad movies. MGR had a meaty role. A very different kind of film. T.R.Ramanna tried new method of killing MGR character. But the movie was not successful as our MGR dies in the end. We can say that MGR formula is finalized after this movie release.





A rare image showing the theater and the cut outs.


Periya Idathu Penn:

MGR as a villager teaches a lesson to the heroine Sarojadevi is the story of Periya Idathu Penn. The movie had wonderful songs. One such song is the western type first tried and MGR fans accepted is Andru Vanthathum Athey Nila song.Super hit movie of 1963. In 2013 this movie is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee.





The Western theme song


Panakara Kudumbam:



A hit movie of 1964.

MGR comes up in his life against his father belief and principle is the movie background. The philosophical song Ondru Engal Jathiyae is the highlight of the movie.



Panam Padaithavan:

Released in 1965 with two heroines K.R.Vijaya and Sowcar Janaki, MGR character is an athlete. The movie had a superb song Kann Pona pokilay, the ending lines Irunthalum marainthalum peru solla vendum ivar pola yaar endru oor solla vendum. A prophetic line which MGR became the subject of the song later his career.





Uploaded by Rajshritamil in youtube. The philosophical song of MGR.


Parakum Pavai:

T.R.Ramanna this time staged the movie background with circus life. MGR who becomes a trapeze artist and protects Sarojadevi a suspense thriller movie and the first movie in colour.



All the songs in the movie are super hit.

A duet song with Saroja Devi in the circus tent.



Another duet song from Parakum Pavai this time MGR with Kanchana. A dream song too.


M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail

M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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