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Vettaikaran Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee Padagotti

27 September 2007

Hottest Couples

I was passing a Book Shop and a Book flashed ODDLY that made to stop and look at it. The Magazine showed intimate pose of MGR and Jayalalitha. Why oddly because it is seldom MGR pictures appearing in English Magazine. I purchased the mag Ritz and went through the cover story.

The title is "Made for Each Other ... Onscreen" the article praises Tamil film buffs, Ritz traced 17 famous pairs from 1940's to present day i.e. Old Black and White movies to Colour movies. The pairs are not just Heroes and Heroines they also included famous comedians of the yesteryears.

The Pairs are:

1) M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar - T.R.Rajakumari

2) N.S.Krishnan - T.A.Madhuram

3) MGR - Saroja Devi

4) MGR - Jayalalitha

5) Sivaji - Padmini

6) Gemini - Savithri

7) S.S.Rajendran - Vijaya Kumari

8) Nagesh - Manorama

9) Rajni - Sripriya

10) Kamal Haasan - Sridevi

11) Sivakumar - Lakshmi

12) Mohan - Radha

13) Prabhu - Kushboo

14) Karthik - Revathi

15) Surya - Jothika

16) Vijay - Simran

17) Vijay - Trisha

The following is the exerts of 'Onscreen Couples' - That intriguing chemistry

MGR - Saroja Devi

Magnetic element: Easy grace

Another fabulous romantic pair, Saroja Devi was the epitome of grace with a childlike, endearing voice and pretty, girlish mannerisms to match. MGR was always the gentleman with a handsome 'open' face that exuded charm, though above all, he was always the man of the masses. Together, they were a fitting the celluloid couple and even the simplest scripts could do justice on their onscreen chemistry. There was a certain grace perceived from their partnership that set them apart from their peers.

MGR - Jayalalitha

Magnetic element: Sheer Romance

The ultimate idol and the beautiful damsel. Amma as she is now fondly known, was 16 when a 42 year old MGR ushered her into the world of his films. He lovingly called her Ammu. The years between them and the one too many films they acted in together did nothing to faze this couple's popularity. Her looks combined disarming innocence with proud beauty, while he was older, wiser and supremely indulgent. The fact that he was the quintessential charmer is evident from almost every romantic song or scene and this only enhanced the couple's chemistry. This is one pair fans can never get enough of.

What you think about? anything new you can say about the pairs.


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M.G.R. Blog to you via E mail
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